Sunday, July 2, 2017

Another new post - Part 2

Hello again everyone and as the title suggests, this is part 2 of a recent update so if you're not up to date, go back a page!

Well I did promise another blog post by today and despite a very intense attempt to avoid it (more of that later) here I am, so what did we get up to in June?

Biggest thing was my parents came to visit, obviously planned prior to any house moving ideas so that at least gave us a deadline to get 95% of the crap stored, but we managed to entertain them by making trips to Home Depot, The Container Store and a few others.  The biggest issue beforehand was "How would the old farts cope with the heat?" That actually turned out ok, first here wasn't as hot or as stormy as predicted and second, it was actually hotter most days in the UK.  Yes, that's right, the UK was hotter than the US.  With no air conditioning.  Mmmmm Sweaty!

Having had some fun with baggage possibly coming after they did, all turned out well and they enjoyed a relaxing time here, of course the biggest relaxation was when the Wubphoon had gone to bed, once she'd thrown all but her pillow off her bed in rage of course, but when she was up she busied herself showing off all her new tricks, of course since they were last here she's walking, talking and generally being Hannah.

Ryan stuck his head further into his iPad, only coming up for Ice Cream and some scowls at Daddy, but eventually he too managed to find other things to do such as cheat at Chutes & Ladders, cheat at Candy Land and laugh as the Yanks beat the Brits via Friendly Fire at Battleship.

We didn't do too much visiting this time, as it was very hot outside, but we rolled in a trip to Clemyjohntri (very hot) and a quick tour of Falls Church to see how it had developed since their very first visit 8 years ago.  Food highlights included Sweetwater Tavern which was sensational, Popeyes, Subway (yes, we went really out on that limb) an Italian restaurant (v.good) and finished off with Cheesecake Factory where I managed to find out a slice of mine was in fact a full days worth of calories once I'd bought it.... oops.

Postscript: They were bumped out of their seats for the return flight...... so they got upgraded to Club Class, on an Airbus..... Jammy Bastards.

Why did I almost miss this agreed update?  Well it had been a while since I'd made an ER visit so I decided to cram one in on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  Turned out the massive headache I experienced wasn't anything too serious, but it took a series of tests and enough needles to ensure Jessica didn't look to find that out.  Cue a few days of work and some heavy prescriptions, I feel like Greg House right about now, only with 1 slightly less messed up leg.

Till next time.

J, J, R & H

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